The process of writing a script for a commercial video

Creating any video starts with writing a script. Creating a script for a commercial video requires a specific approach. At the first stage, we need to avoid common mistakes. Let’s start with them.

The Three Main Mistakes of Script Writing

Let’s analyze the three main mistakes when creating a script.

№1 The script form
First, it is important to choose the correct form of script. A script is not just a document with monolithic text and bullet points. A script is a structured detailed plan with a specific form.

№2 Goals of the video
Secondly, it is very crucial to formulate the video’s goals. The goals of the video determine what approach will used to find an idea and how that idea will be expanded into a script.

№3 Creative Ideas and characters
Thirdly, it is necessary not to be afraid to experiment and create original ideas. Trends need to be studied. It is important to develop your own ideas and characters and not blindly copy other videos.

Let’s look at each aspect in more detail.

The Script Form

A script isn’t just a piece of paper with text on it. A video script is a detailed plan, a detailed outline of your video. It describes everything that will happen in the scene, for example:

It allows you to shoot video scene by scene, step by step, without fuss. You don’t have to figure out what to do on the fly. The correct script form allows you to work effectively with all participants in the shooting process: operators, assistants, and characters.

Video Script Template professional format

Video Script Template

So, in front of you is a proper and usable script template (format) for a commercial video.

Shooting video in this way is a pleasure. Shooting results will be predictable for everyone involved in the process. You will not forget anything!

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What about improvisation? Improvisation is acceptable, but only if you can do it confidently without hight quality.

Goals of The Video

video goals

Remember a simple rule: one goal — one video. A promotional product video is not the same as a product overview video. A company video presentation is not a documentary about company’s history.

Short videos rule the world. Providing a message with maximum specificity is crucial.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. First of all, we are talking about special projects.

What could be the video goals?


The purpose of the video is to deliver valuable information to the consumer: product reviews, company news in video format, various explanations, business processes, training, and everything related to information delivery.


The purpose of a video is to increase the conversion rate of a website or advertising campaign. It is possible to use video to sell not just products but also ideas.


The purpose of the video is to draw attention to your brand. It can be dynamic and funny videos, viral videos, creative ads, or social videos.

Creative Ideas and Characters

Far too often, content creators and scriptwriters fall into the trap of emulation. They scour the internet for examples, hoping to replicate success. Yet, this approach stifles innovation and leads to generic, uninspired content.

Mindlessly copying others not only hinders creativity but also undermines the essence of your brand. Instead of regurgitating tired tropes about employee experiences and product quality, dare to be different.

be creative

Gone are the days of mundane video presentations filled with clichés and antiquated techniques. Today’s audience craves authenticity and ingenuity. It’s time to capture your viewers with fresh perspectives.

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and behold your product through their lens. What sets you apart? What makes your offering unique? By adopting this viewpoint, you unlock a treasure trove of creative possibilities.

Where to get original ideas for commercial videos?

That’s a good question. In the near future, we’ll tell you about 8 strategies for finding ideas.

Let’s look at one of the most effective strategies for finding ideas. It is called “What does it mean?”.

For example, you have a medical center.

What is medicine for people?

Answer: It is health care.

What is health care?

Answer: It is (for example) sports. That means some people are involved in sports, and they think about health.

What are sports for health?

Answer: It is hundreds of wellness techniques to use at home or in the gym.

Main message:

Now, your goal is to find a fitness club (with good marketing) and ask them to make a health video together. In this series of videos, you will tell the viewer how to combine sports to revitalize the body.

At the same time, you can make small inserts about how people can diagnose different diseases in your center.

Another example of a video script

Let’s write a script for a transportation company’s commercial.

What does freight transportation mean to a client?

Answer: It is an opportunity to sell their goods anywhere.

What does it mean to sell goods anywhere in the world?

Answer: It means being able to satisfy what clients need on distance.

What does it mean to satisfy what clients need on distance?

Answer: It means to reach anything at any time with minimal effort, literally with one-hand movement.

Main message:

The metaphor of the commercial is “reach with your hand.” You can reach anything easily and quickly with delivery services. One movement of the hand and the goods are delivered to the client several hundred kilometers away.

Visual series:

Video shows that any distance is shrunk to an arm’s length. A customer reaches his hand to his phone and places an order. The seller reaches his hand to the courier and sends the package. The courier is arm’s length from the buyer.

At the stage of searching for the main idea, our task is to create a fresh, clear visual image that will form the basis of the story. This is much better than showing trucks driving somewhere in the fields again.

Final example of a script

Remember the old NESCAFE commercials? In the 90s, you might have seen a series of commercials without words. They showed various life situations in which coffee changed the outcomes of events.

So, what is coffee? Coffee is a reason to communicate. Most often, it’s emotional communication: interpersonal relationships, stressful situations, business communication, and others.

The answer to this simple question gives us an interesting and original idea for videos. All we have to do is show different situations in which emotional interpersonal communication and coffee would be combined.

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Script writing is undoubtedly an act of creativity. Therefore, it is impossible to devise a perfect scheme or set of instructions on how to craft a high-quality script.

It is worth continuously acquiring new knowledge in this field and selecting the best solutions for different tasks.

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