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Customer Testimonial Videos — is are a powerful marketing tool and an essential part of B2B and B2C marketing strategies. This is the type of content where your existing customer helps you sell your product to the next customer. Testimonials can be in text or video format. But how do you make video testimonials effective?

To transform a dull, standard video testimonial into a compelling story, you need to change the approach to its creation. Instead of generic praise, which often sounds repetitive, encourage the customer to narrate their journey from initial idea to purchase using a structured approach and emotional triggers.

How to Make a Good Customer Testimonial Videos?

To answer this question, let’s decompose the video testimony into smaller parts.

Let’s discuss each point individually.

The Structure of a Video Testimonial Script With Proven Effectiveness

What does a good testimonial look like? A good video testimonial should follow four requirements:

  • Be truthful
  • Be interesting
  • Be intriguing
  • Be persuasive

To achieve this, use the following structure.

Video Testimonial Structure

The first 80% of the video testimonial is the customer telling their story.


Your customer develops the idea of purchasing your product within a specific context before making the purchase. Initially, there are thoughts and ideas about the product, followed by a recognized need for the product or service. Every buyer has a unique backstory with distinct characteristics.

Allow the customer to share their story about how they made the purchase. Ask them: What drove them to this decision, what doubts they had, and how they searched for solutions?


The customer begins by seeking information and comparing sellers before purchasing a product or service. Each person has their own unique decision-making process.

They compare parameters, entertain doubts, and search for the optimal solution. Typically, people do not buy the first product or service they encounter. Each individual makes their choice in their own way.

In this part of the video testimonial, the client can describe how they made their selection, including their main criteria, etc.


“To use” means “to gain benefits.” In this part, the client can share insights into how your product is utilized in a real-life scenario. Their story may focus on the usefulness of your product, its ease of use, and other relevant aspects. Allow the client to describe how your product has positively impacted their life situation.


In this section of the review, the client recommends you as the best seller. Allow the client to answer the following questions:

To whom specifically does he/she recommend your product? In what situations would your product be the best solution?

Only this structure will give us an original customer story with a compelling recomendation at the end. Please note. We reserve only 20% of the total video feedback time for recomendations.

To make your script look professional use this script form.

Customer Testimonial Videos Duration

What is the optimal length a testimonial video should be? We recommend a duration between 40 and 60 seconds.

It is possible to create a longer testimonial video, depending on the product category. For instance, more technical products and services may require additional details.

Emotional Triggers Will Make Your Testimonial More Powerful

Imagine you’re searching for a wedding photographer.

One individual prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to photos. They desire images that evoke strong emotions. For him, the trigger would be something like,

Laughing and crying tears of happiness with the entire family while reminiscing over our wedding photos.

For another person, quantity matters more than quality. They might be impressed by statements like,

Just days after the wedding, we received 1,000 photos!

The allure of receiving a large quantity of photos in a short timeframe can be a powerful trigger.

Voicing such triggers at the beginning of the video testimonial is more effective. This will motivate the viewer to discover the outcome of the story.

How to Make a Testimonial Video?

So, you already have a script structure and you know about emotional triggers. Now let’s see how to create video testimonials as text or video.

Video Shooting

Earlier, we mentioned that video testimonials are a crucial element of a marketing strategy. Therefore, we must look to the future.

We recommend approaching video testimonial creation professionally. What does that mean? It’s preferable to enlist videographer services to shoot the video.

You don’t necessarily need a team that produces movies or expensive commercials. Finding a company or content makers that specializes in reportage videos is sufficient.

A videographer captures customer testimonial videos on camera

We can incorporate the most outstanding testimonials into our other promotional videos. For this to be effective, they must be of good quality and filmed using a camera.

Good audio is also important in creating video testimonials.

It’s a strategic mistake to shoot video testimonials without proper preparation and due diligence.


We recommend employing the same structure when writing text reviews. Limit each block to a maximum of one sentence. Keeping the review concise is crucial, as lengthy reviews are rarely read.

Ask your client the questions outlined above and request they send their answers via email or message. Ensure to correct any grammatical or other errors before publishing.

We strongly advise against using AI to write text reviews. Reviews should be honest.

A few other common owners:

Collect feedback all the time

Gathering customer feedback is a crucial business process that should be integrated into the functions of the sales manager, in collaboration with the PR specialist. Ensure it becomes one of the mandatory steps in client interaction.

Prepare everything necessary

Prepare everything necessary for creating a testimonial: equipment, filming locations, and questions for the client. It's preferable to collect testimonials as early as possible.

Regularly update

Regularly update testimonials on your social media and website. Reviews written over a year ago may appear suspicious.

Publishing Video Testimonials In Media

Publishing a video testimonial on your website or social media is also crucial.

We need to make video testimonials visible

When it comes to a website, it is preferable to position testimonials on the second screen of the home page. If there are numerous reviews, it's essential to include a link to a page containing additional reviews. This link can also be duplicated in the top menu.

The video testimonial needs to be presented correctly

The title will play a main role in the presentation. Let's think about triggers. A trigger is the perfect title for a video testimonial. here are some examples of titles on a real estate agent's website.

“I couldn’t sell a troubled house for three years, but it was resolved in three days!”

“Buyers came and turned away. No one wanted the house without repairs. There came a point when we gave up hope.”

“We were just a step away from being out on the street with no roof over our heads.”

Reality proof

Put a link to your client's social media account (with their permission) or official website next to the video testimonial. This will be the best proof that the review is original.

How Many Testimonials Will Be Enough?

Reviews should be a lot, and they should be constantly updated. Therefore, the more is better. A small quantity of testimonials (2-3) will cause doubts, although it depends on the business niche. The optimal number of video reviews is 7-10.

People typically read or watch testimonials selectively. When they faced with numerous testimonials, many individuals only check through the titles. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on creatig compelling titles, descriptions, and captions.

Client Remuneration For Testimonial

As practice shows, most satisfied customers are happy to leave a testimonial. However, it is your responsibility to remind them about that. It’s beneficial if you can offer the client a small bonus for detailed feedback. It’s common practice to provide a small discount or gift.

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