A screenwriter fills out a script form to create a promotional video

What do we need to create an interesting video story? We need a protagonist, an antagonist, and a conflict. Let’s use these elements and create a promotional video script for an aesthetic surgery or beauty salon.

This is one of the simplest and fastest methods for scripting commercial videos.

The Essence Of The Simple Scriptwriting Method

Try to come up with and describe all elements of the story based on market research and statistics. Try to make it as clear as possible for the target audience.

The Protagonist

The potential client of beauty salons and personal stylists could be someone who is seeking to enhance their physical appearance.

This client may include individuals of various ages and gender, such as:

  1. Young adults preparing for special occasions like weddings or graduations, desiring makeup, hair styling, and other beauty treatments.
  2. Professionals aim to maintain a polished appearance for career advancement or confidence.
  3. Individuals undergoing lifestyle changes or transitions who seek to refresh their look and boost their self-esteem.

Let it be a woman between 30 and 50 years old, with a common appearance. She wants to look like a TOP model and stay forever young.

The Antagonist

Who or what can act as an antagonist? We can use a style that induces bewilderment and prompts the desire to avert one’s gaze and shut one’s eyes.

We can portray a collective image of a girl featuring conspicuous deviations in clothing and makeup styles.

The Conflict

A girl is discontent with her appearance, aspiring to be beautiful and stylish. But she does not want to entrust her makeover to amateurs, fearing potential ridicule later.

Today, it’s too easy to succumb to the influence of pseudo-experts. It is a common situation when genuine professionals rectify others’ errors.

The Main Message

With this concept in mind, let’s articulate the primary message: “Let’s Begin Anew” or “Let’s Start Fresh.”

The phrase “Starting Fresh” resonates with the notion of rectifying current flaws in appearance and fashion choices, while also serving as a compelling call to action.

Script Visualization

Girls with provocative makeup in ridiculous (pseudo-fashionable) clothes walking down the street of a night city and laughing loudly, squirming for the camera. The camera picks out their grimace, and details in their clothes and makeup.

These shots are interrupted by shots of our hero standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror and carelessly washing her face. Her clothes and makeup are similar.

An example of a visual image of the Protagonist from a beauty salon advertisement

We alternate scenes with glamorous girls when the main character washes her face and takes off her clothes. The scenes with glamorous girls are played backwards. The alternating shots are accompanied by the words: Erase… Take it off… Let’s Start Fresh…

We are not advertising a particular style or a professional stylist. This is important because there are many styles and they must be customized. We are only announcing positive changes that are coming.

Intensifying Conflict

We can heighten the conflict with visual techniques. Why?

First, it will help us highlight our main message. We need to make it sound as contrasted as possible.

Secondly, it will help hold the viewer’s attention. The main thing here is to keep it measured. Too much effects and frequent frame changes can negatively impact the video.

The first option.

Different lighting for the scenes. Cold tones for scenes with antagonist, warm tones for scenes with protagonist.

Second option.

Camera movements in the scene with glamorous girls are more chaotic and careless. In scenes with the protagonist, the camera is static.

Third option.

Some scenes with glamorous girls could be shot with the Slow Shutter Effect. This will create an additional psychedelic effect.

The Conclusion

As you can see, this scheme is quite simple for writing commercial video scripts.

You can apply it to any business niche and for any product. Here’s what you need to do:

This video script is designed to be 30 seconds long, but you can create a longer version by showing more details and the character’s transformation.

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