self presentation methodology

Self-presentation is your short (usually up to 60 seconds) speech about you as a person or your business project.

Self-presentation can be done face-to-face, i.e. in front of an audience, or in absentia, i.e. by e-mail or video format.

Introducing you to a simple, versatile self-presentation method for all occasions.

The Six-step Method Of Self-Presentation (with examples)

This is six groups of questions to answer. At this stage, you need to answer the questions. You can correct your answers later.

I give you two examples. The first example is my business self-presentation, and the second is an example of a product presentation to a customer. Let’s try.

Presentation of the project or company during negotiations.

#1 Who? Where? When?

You should briefly and clearly describe the object of your presentation (depending on the situation). It can be a business project or you as an expert. Keep your answers short. Leave only the most important things out.


My name is Alexander and I am a video marketer.

This is one of the most versatile and functional multicookers in the manufacturer’s lineup.

#2 What am I doing? What have I done or will I do?

Here, we talk about actions, functions, and what can be visualized and described as processes.

I help brands engage customers online through videos posted on social media and YouTube.
The multi-cooker can cook more than 60 different dishes for you. The recipes are from Asian, Italian, French, and Indian cuisines.

#3 How? By what?

If it is self-presentation, you talk about your skills, and abilities that prove your expertise.

If it is a business project, product, or brand, you need to explain its advantages. But remember that there aren’t many advantages. One or two. You don’t need to list everything, just the most important.

The videos are created using a unique technology “VISION”, which combines sales and psychology knowledge.
Leading technologists and chefs contributed to the design of this multi-cooker. Dishes cooked in it have excellent flavor. It is a pleasure to cook them.

#4 Why? What is important?

These questions address your audience’s beliefs and values. Does your mind remain calm when someone talking about your values? Hardly.

It’s challenging to disregard what you hear, particularly if someone’s beliefs align with your interests. At this stage, the presentation starts to influence the audience. This is our objective.

However, we can talk about our beliefs and values too. Individuals who have interesting opinions, and have the freedom to express them can also spark interest. However, your stance shouldn’t offend someone’s dignity.

I am convinced that there should be more video. The video should be accessible and effective. After all, this is the best way to promote your company and increase sales.
More and more people are trying to choose healthy food for themselves and their children, and the multicooker is the first step on this difficult path.

#5 What's the role?

People assume various roles throughout their lives. Similarly, certain things serve different purposes in a person’s life. When responding to this question, describe your role or the role of the items you are presenting. Unveil the significance of the role.

In the context of self-presentation, discuss your role; in the context of a business project or product presentation, explain the role it plays in a person’s life. Elaborate on the potency of that influence.

In my work, I research and select only effective video creation techniques, adapting them to the customer’s goals.
People claim that with the addition of a multi-cooker to their home, not only does the quality of food improve, but also the quality of relationships. Cooking is no longer a chore; it’s now easy, tasty, and even enjoyable!

#6 For what? What is the reason?

Here we are talking about the mission and goals. Ask yourself the main question – what is the purpose of all this?

Sooner or later, big and small companies will engage in a content battle. The one who is fast and interesting will emerge victorious.
I dont want to sell you something; I’m here to assist you in making decisions and to help you avoid making mistakes.

Correction Of Responses

Now, we need to combine all the responses. We can trim extraneous details or elaborate where needed. Let’s approach this in reverse sequence. Recite everything you’ve written, starting from the last question and working backward.

Go through the sequence twice, considering each word until your responses flow logically and cohesively.

Next, incorporate nonverbal cues. Employ accents and pauses, integrate gestures, and emphasize key points with intonation.

For What Situations Is This Method Of Self-presentation Appropriate?

A potential candidate for a position presents himself at an interview.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a universal form of self-presentation. Do you remember your first interview for a promising position? Perhaps it was an unexpected encounter with an investor? Or maybe you had the opportunity to appear to a large audience about yourself?

Here are situations:

Why is Personal Presentation so Important in Business?

Never underestimate the power of first impressions. A positive initial impression frequently sets the tone for subsequent events in a business environment.

You never know when you will get the opportunity to present your business or product. Usually, this moment catches us off guard. You should quickly gather your thoughts and deliver your speech in a manner that prompts your conversation partner to extend their hand in agreement.

Business partners shake hands in agreement.

The method described in this article can easily fit into any smartphone note app. All you have to do is open the note, take a glance at the questions, and you’re ready to go.

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