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Today, a content maker for business is a specialist who doesn’t just create photos and videos for companies, he is an expert in developing complex advertising bundles, content for sales funnels, and long-term strategies.

Of course, it all depends on the strategy you choose. What kind of strategies are there? We also talk about that in this article.

Content Maker Profession. Basic skills

To become a successful content maker whose services will be in demand in the market, you need to have these skills:

Some clients only want content, but others expect you to develop a long-term content strategy for them. Your income will directly depend on how many services you can offer clients.

It is important to constantly improve your skills. At the same time, you need to build a team that will take care of all the routine processes of content production. With that in mind, let’s formulate five rules for rapid growth.

If a content maker’s job involves creating videos and scripts writing, here’s a detailed guide on how to write a script for a commercial video.

Five Content Maker Rules for Exploding Revenue Growth.

How to Sell Your Services Expensively?

Content Maker,

If you are an aspiring content maker, you will find it difficult to sell your services expensively at the beginning of your journey. However, by using one of the following strategies, you can get it right at the beginning.

Four development strategies for content creators:

№1 Component Supplier

You sell customers a simple, one-syllable product, like photos and videos on a smartphone or ad banners . Setting a high price is difficult. You will have to work hard to increase your revenue.

№2 Kit Supplier

You sell customers a complete solution consisting of several components. You offer the customer a large list of services or complete service packages. It is easier to conceal the high price.

№3 Integrator

You sell customized, long-term marketing strategies to the client. You’re selling authoring solutions that give clients the fullest effect. Setting a high price is simple due to the uniqueness of your offering.

№4 Out-of-the-box Solution Sellers

You sell customers a point solution that fixes the customer’s problem 100%. Usually, these solutions involve turnkey work. In this strategy, your products will be standardized. But this allows you to implement them much faster than a customized solution. A perfect example is photo and video content for sellers on Amazon. You don’t need to be creativity – do what works.

It is best to choose one strategy and focus on perfection for your service. If you have money to spare, it is better to open a separate department or company and implement a different strategy there.

Example Strategy: "Component Supplier"

This strategy involves selling one or two services. For example, you make advertising banners, or intros for videos, or edit videos.

If you do your work correctly, a circle of regular clients will form around you. You can also work on freelancer platforms.

This strategy will allow you to earn some money, however, if you want more, you will face limitations.


One of the first limitations is time. You won’t have enough time to fulfill more orders. Burnout and decreased quality will affect you, and clients will be dissatisfied.

Artificial intelligence can also reduce demand for your services.

Obviously, there are flaws in this strategy, but it has a right to exist. Let’s look at the next strategy.

Example Strategy: "Kit Supplier"

This strategy involves selling services in sets. On the first step, we examine the client’s problem in detail. Then we offer him a comprehensive solution.

For example, our client wants to order from us a video for advertising in social networks, but, in fact he wants to increase sales on the website.

Step #1

We make a short, creative promotional video to attract attention. This promotional video will drive social media users to the site’s promotional page.

Step #2

To make the conversion rate of the website promo page high, we record a short explainer or sales video. In it, we must show the benefit to the buyer and make a powerful promise about solving the problem.

Step #3

You can remove objections and build customer trust with video testimonials or a portfolio with photos.

This way, you can sell your clients three or more services instead of one. This increases your profit margin. In turn, your client gets more sales. Clients who getig more than they expected will consider you for further cooperation. And that means more orders in the future.


Of course, not all clients are ready to buy three services from you. Someone needs just one promotional video. If you make your offer profitable, your chances of making a sale will increase dramatically.

Let’s imagine that you chose the “Kit Supplier” strategy. Where do you get ideas for content creation and how do you work with them?

How to Generate Content Ideas Without Stress and don't Depend on Inspiration?

content plan

A true content maker understands that creating ideas for content doesn’t depend on creativity. Instead of waiting for inspiration, he uses a systematic approach to working with information. He creates ideas out of thin air.

Any new idea is a combination of several pre-existing ideas or their components. A content maker analyzes the information and creates new combinations by adding something of himself.

Waiting for inspiration is an ineffective strategy, especially if you must create varied content on different topics every day.

What does a systems approach mean?

Let’s imagine that we have already conducted a study of customer pain points. Let’s create a content plan based on this data. As an example, let’s take the content for an advertisement for camping equipment.

Here’s a list of the main customer pain points:

Let’s take the customer pain point: “Doubts about durability and reliability” as an example and create five types of content. Let’s illustrate this topic from different angles:

You should use different approaches to create each of these types of content. It is important because that the topic we have chosen is presented in an original and interesting way every time.


In 2024, content creators will be in demand more than ever! As digital marketing evolves, so does the need for engaging stories, informative videos and interesting visuals.

Brands and individuals alike recognize the importance of engaging stories and visually appealing content.


How to become a successful content creator?

Success as a content creator involves constantly improving your skills and building a team. Your choice of development strategy will influence your income level.

Can everyone become a content creator, or is it a specialized skill?

Yes. Start by choosing your niche. Work alone or build your dream team. Talent plays a role, but talent doesn’t affect success as much anymore. Getting started isn’t the problem – the problem is surviving stiff competition.

Which business is worth working with as a content creator?

It doesn’t really matter. Work with those who want to capture the market, those who have a marketing strategy. It can be a small production facility or a private lawyer.

What are the essential skills of a content creator today?

In addition to content creation skills, you’ll need the ability to create sales funnels with content, find effective ad bundles, and search and analyze large amounts of information.

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